• Launching India's First Headphone Webstore



    Ferrari Video brings you India's first and only webstore, a destination for premium headphones, earphones and accessories that caters to audiophiles and music lovers alike. Helping their customers to make an informed choice through their buying guide, www.headphonezone.in emerges as more than just a headphone webstore.

  • About Us

    India's Premier AV Distribution Company Since 1987

    Ferrari Video was founded by the Somani family as a distribution company that specialized in audio and video specifics including headphones, earphones, accessories and pro-media products. Today, it has expanded itself across the country, and continues to pioneer the audio and video business.




    The Somani family is one of the oldest business families in the country and traces its history back to 1696, where they began their first venture in Dhulia, Maharashtra. The family started with banking activities in the year 1752 and branched out to Kanpur in the year 1884. With a rich business history and heritage, the Somani family continues to contribute through its various businesses in the country till today.



    The Business


    Since its conception, the Somani family has contributed with various businesses in India and overseas. Presently, Ferrari Video is one of the ranking distribution companies, spanning over 18 distribution centres and 6 regional offices, including Chennai as its Head Office.



    In 2009, Ferrari Video received ISO 9001:2008 certification.


  • Business Verticals

    Ferrari Video is a 100% Family Equity Funded Company. A Non-Borrowing Company since inception, we run Zero Debt Operations.

    Headphones Marketing & Distribution

    Ferrari Video's Core Strength lies in the marketing & distribution of Headphones, Earphones and AV Accessories in India, exclusively representing Panasonic (since 2002), V-MODA, JAYS, RHA, FiiO & more.

    Headphone Zone Retail Stores

    Headphone Zone operates India's first and only exclusive chain of headphone and earphone retail stores with 7 Retail Stores spread over 3 Major Cities of Chennai, Bangalore & Mumbai.

    Headphone Zone eCommerce Webstore

    The Headphone Zone online webstore, the first of its kind anywhere, offers an experience that provides substantial information enabling informed choices with detailed specs, reviews & headphone guides.

    Professional Recording Media Distribution

    Dealers for Sony Singapore since 1992 for their Professional Media Range including recordable tapes exclusively for South India. Distribution transferred to Sony India in 1996. 

    Institutional Business & System Integration

    Ferrari Video represents the world’s most respected brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon, LG & Samsung, for System Integration and Institutional Sales with relationships spanning over several decades.

    The Khadi Shop Webstore

    The company has forayed into the Personal Care and Wellness products with the marketing of Khadi natural products in India showcasing over 45 aromas of handmade soaps & more on The Khadi Shop webstore.

  • Partner Brands

    Ferrari Video handpicks the best brands from V-MODA, JAYS, RHA, Comply we bring prominent and quality brands to India.


    Designed in Scotland

    A specialist British Headphones premium in-ear earphones that combine great design with high precision engineering and are manufactured using best quality aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel in its intricate construction, and are widely regarded as the best Consumer In-Ear Earphones available anywhere.


    Designed in Sweden

    Swedish Headphone Designers and Manufacturers: JAYS SE began their foray into the world of headphones in 2006 and their attention to detail is apparent in every product made by their dedicated team of engineers. Their known for their tangle-free flat cables, fabulous packaging, bass-driven sound, a multitude of accessories and durable design.


    Designed in Japan

    With its Milano design, virtually indestructible military level quality steel build, sleek Ergonomics with minimal gap for better sound and a unique sound signature, V-MODA is universally acclaimed to be the best headphones for DJing, mixing, audio production, travel, casual listening, sports available anywhere in the world today.


    Designed in Japan

    Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation is the world leader in Audio-Video products and has become amongst the world's most recognizable brands.


    Designed in the USA

    Audeze makes impossibly great headphones. Through an amalgamation of art and technology, Audeze eliminates all boundaries between the artist and the listener through high resolution sound reproduction. The craftsmanship is truly admirable and supplements its first-class listening experience. Today, Audeze is renowned world-over by professional engineers, audiophiles and music producers.


    Designed in China

    HIFIMAN is one of the leading personal audio brands founded in 2007. It is critically-acclaimed for its Planar-Magnetic headphones, that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews.


    Designed in the USA

    Grado Labs is a family-run business. The brand has seen three generations i.e. Joseph, John and Jonathan Grado who have been making these fine headphones by hand since 1953. "Grado relies on techniques refined over generations. Pursuing quality first and profit second" - The Verge.


    Designed in Japan

    STAX was founded in 1938. In 1959, STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone and introduced SR-1 in 1960. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both professional and audiophile applications. STAX prefers to call its headphones “EARSPEAKERS”; such Ultra-High Fidelity devices for reproducing music can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones.


    Designed in Germany

    Nestled close to the German Alps in Bavaria, Ultrasone stands for elegant design, select materials and perfect sound. They set out, in 1991, with a simple goal - to develop unique headphones that give the listener great pleasure for long sessions. Every pair of Ultrasone luxury headphones is imbued with the passion of its craftsmen and developed from start to finish in Germany.

    Meze Audio

    Designed in Romania

    Meze is a Romanian boutique headphone brand that understands that music is not just a pastime but a way of life. Meze designed their headphones so that they could transpose you into their world. The real wood design was specifically created to offer warmth; sound that you can enjoy no matter where you are and what you're doing.


    Designed in Sweden

    Urbanista is a brand that comes from the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. With a drive to do things differently, each headphone and earphone has been designed with a touch of uniqueness. A lot of inspiration comes from trendy and fashionable passersby who are the pulse and life of the city.


    Designed in the USA

    Based out of California, LSTN has gone over 9 countries and helped many people overall the world. In collaboration with Starkey Hearing Foundation, they have expanded the Global Hearing Awareness. LSTN was founded with a singular purpose: to change lives through the power of music.


    Designed in South Korea

    Astell&Kern makes impossibly good digital audio players. Within some 10 years, the brand has set a supreme standard for how an audio file should sound. They call this " Mastering Quality Sound". Interestingly, Astell means ' Stars' in Latin and Kern means ' Center' in German. Astell&Kern is mindfully designed to getting audiophiles & purists alike to feel an irrefutable connection with music.


    Designed in China

    HiBy specializes in developing premium portable digital audio players(DAP) for more than 10 years, such as R6 and R3 mini HiFi players.


    Designed in China

    Founded in 2006, iBasso is dedicated to the advancement of audio. Music is should be natural and bring joy to your life. To this, they always strive.


    Designed in China

    Shanling is an audio brand that is based in the vibrant city of Shenzhen. Its vast line-up includes SACD/CD players, high-fidelity solid-state and vacuum tube amplifiers, tuners and audio/video amplifiers, among others. It focuses on making high-quality high-end audio devices that are affordable to even the audiophile on a tight budget".

    Chord Electronics

    Designed in the UK

    Chord Electronics Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of high-end audio products. Since 1989, Chord Electronics has been pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating some of the planet's finest hi-fi, home cinema and professional audio equipment. A technology-driven leader, Chord Electronics' philosophy of ongoing evolution and refinement continues to deliver landmark audio products with extraordinary performance and unrivalled design features.

    iFI Audio

    Designed in the UK

    iFi Audio is a subsidiary of Abbingdon Music Research, one of UK’s largest audio systems manufacturers. It takes inspiration from its parent company to create world-class DACs like none other. Each and every product made will let you feel the magic in your music.


    Designed in China

    Cayin is a premium audio brand hailing from China, that brings the world's best DAPs to the table with its years of experience. Hi-Res audio players are specially designed to produce high-resolution sound through your high impedance headphones and earphones". Cayin's portable audio players feature aluminium chassis, coaxial output, vibrant attractive colors, a gain toggle, and more.

    Aune Audio

    Designed in China

    Aune Audio, a Chinese audio brand, has taken the audio world by storm with its highly durable and pocket-friendly audio devices. It is an audiophile grade audio player that converts digital audio into a high resolution analog sound. They have a wide range of Hi-Res audio players that fit every buyer's need and budget, from the best brands across the world. Plug in and enjoy a louder and better music experience with sound clarity that makes you feel like you're in a studio.


    Designed in the USA

    Schiit came into the market in 2010, and within the short span of half a decade, it gained viral recognition for their well designed, outrageously well performing albeit fairly priced products. The company was founded by two engineering prodigies, Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat. Precision machined from high quality metal, there is a touch of elegance Schiit imbues in its products. Every Schiit product is Made in USA and the quality of their products is exceptional. Schiit believes they are built to last a lifetime and can be passed on to generations.

    Woo Audio

    Designed in the USA

    Woo Audio is a high-end audio components designer and manufacturer in New York. Our products are sold worldwide.

    Campfire Audio

    Designed in the USA

    Campfire Audio is a small reputed American audio company that is focused on creating special earphones for those who care the most about their music. Each Campfire Audio earphone is the result of endless iterations, hours of listening and vigorous performance tests. When you buy a Campfire Audio earphone, you are the proud master of a world-class earphone from a company that stands firmly behind its products.

    JH Audio

    Designed in the USA

    Jerry Harvey founded JH Audio in 2007 as a manufacturer of custom aviation headsets and then started producing the JH Audio Pro series for professionals and audiophiles alike. Fun Fact: All JH Audio Hybrid IEMs are named after famous rock songs about women! Angie, Rosie, Layla, Roxanne sound familiar yet?

    Noble Audio

    Designed in the USA

    Noble Audio has carved a name for itself globally for creating the world’s finest sounding universal and custom in-ear monitors. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Noble Audio products is that the engineers take their craft very seriously. Each IEM is hand-assembled and matched perfectly by dedicated audiologists and passionate music enthusiasts to give you, the listener, the ultimate music enjoyment.


    Designed in China

    Whizzer Focusing on design and create attractive acoustic products . Dedicate to provide high-end "created in China" products to the worldwide.

    Penon Audio

    Designed in China

    Penon Audio online store is selling the best selected audio products for both the audiophiles and the business users.

    KZ Acoustics

    Designed in China

    Founded in 2012, KZ Acoustics has become a well-known brand for entry level, affordable audiophile IEMs.


    Designed in Thailand

    BGVP is a professional brand of earphones with a focus on creating great value in all the earphones they create.

    TIN Audio

    Designed in China

    Tin Audio is committed to deliver an uncommonly refined tuning.

    Effect Audio

    Designed in Singapore

    When it comes to manufacturing high-quality earphone cables that give you an audio experience like no other, Effect Audio is the go-to industry professional. When you listen with Effect Audio, you listen to perfection.


    Designed in the USA

    Earpads are the most important part of the acoustic design of a headphone. Undamped bounce of earpads can create an undesirable low frequency resonance. Dekoni Earpadz leave your headphones balanced and still in tune with the original design without a change in the timbre of your headphones.


    Designed in the USA

    To uplift and enhance the sound quality of in-ear earphones, Comply accessories are the best choice in the market using unique, breathable, viscoelastic foam that are 30 times softer than standard silicone tips. With 20+ years of clinical in-ear experience, and Ph.D level knowledge of biochemistry and comfort-focused sound technology, Comply's Premium Ear Tips have managed to alter the quality of listening.


    Designed in the USA

    SpinFit is a brand that creates the ultimate silicone ear tips for upgrading your earphone.


    Designed in Singapore

    Dignis creates high quality leather cases for high resolution digital audio players, earphones and other audio accessories.


    Designed in South Korea

    MITER creates high quality leather cases for high resolution digital audio players.

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